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All You Need To Know About Bali Villa Long Term Rentals

Bali villa rentals

Visiting Bali for its beauty and tasty food can make people feel at home. It is especially true if tourists consider how homey the accommodation is in Bali. There is also a tendency for people to consider Bali villa rentals for a long-term stay. But before you pick one, please pay attention to these details beforehand.

Rental Period

Not all villas will allow or offer long-term rental, thus be sure you know and check the availability. If the place does offer this option, be sure to check the contract agreement. The options might range from monthly listing, yearly rentals, or even longer. It was also worth mentioning that the different offers come with varying paying options.

As an example, the yearly rental tends to be followed by the upfront payment. Most of the time renters need to pay on the starting date of the rental. Not only that, the shorter rental will have a higher rate as well. Thus, be sure to check the rates and the pay before you sign the contract. There is also a consideration on the budget, facilities, and location.


Bali villa rentals came in different rates and possibilities. Some hotels are high-end luxury accommodations, but there are also less pricy options. Price equal with the offer. The better the pricier it is. One thing you need to highlight is that the rate will rise accordingly. It also has inflations, locations, and different currency considerations you will need to pay attention to.

Location Consideration

Since long-term rental closely translates to living in the area, be sure you got the proper location. Match the environment with your needs and lifestyle. You can start with daily needs, such as school, working place, office, or lifestyle. The options are also available in many areas with different environments, such as beachfront, country, or entertainment centers.  


Facility-wise, your option on the villa will also vary. Beautiful and high-end Bali villa rentals come with more advanced facilities. But it also comes with a higher budget and price. Some offer different services, such as SPA, food, and cleaning. Some other setup and facilities also consist of different room arrangements and numbers. So, check it properly.

Since there are hundreds or even thousands of rentals available in Bali, it does not mean everything is possible or suitable to rent. That is why a proper inspection and checking are needed. In this case, pay attention to the rental period, budgeting, facilities, and location. Make sure everything is up to the game. So, you will not regret the long-term contract.

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